What app will be a craze for the Japanese in 2021?

Mobile App Trend in the Japanese Market

Top 10 List Apps in Japan (2020)

  1. COCOA — COVID-19 Contact App
  2. ZOOM Cloud Meetings
  3. PayPay
  4. LINE
  5. Instagram
  6. Amazon Prime Video
  7. SmartNews
  8. TikTok
  9. UberEATS
  10. Twitter

Global social media platformers have played an active role in Japan

Japan has the third biggest business market next to the Chinese market. Therefore, global social media platformers don’t ignore the Japanese market. Instagram (№5), TikTok (№8), and Twitter (№10) are very prevalent and popular for Japanese people.

LINE has no rivals in Japan

Speaking of messaging apps in Japan, there is no contender for LINE. I know WhatsApp and WeChat are the global standard, but they are hardly a contender for the Japanese. Instead, LINE has a dominant share in Japan. LINE has almost 86 million MAUs in a population of nearly 120 million. This is really the only app everyone, from children to older people, uses daily in Japan.

What app will run rampant?

Based on the trends of 2020, I want to anticipate what kind of apps will become popular this year in Japan. In my opinion, there are significant trends such as “mental health management,” “live streaming,” and “cashless payment” in 2021.

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