The reason why I prefer Twitter to the flying car

Is Twitter the symbol of transparency? Or spreader of hatred?

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Jack Dorsey via NHK account on Twitter

Twitter pushed a reality TV star into tragic suicide

Hana Kimura, a famous pro wrestler, killed herself recently. She played an active role in not only the ring but also on a popular reality TV show “Terrace House.” She was one of the characters on the show. She recieved massive backlash on social media by the trigger of her words and actions on the show. Notably, many anonymous users harassed her on Twitter more than other social media platform. Facebook adopts a real name. Instagram focuses on photos and videos, and aesthetics are given weight there. But many people tend to attack others straightly and quickly on Twitter. After we’ve gone through this severe incident, some Japanese politicians are about to change the law to let victims accuse suspects more easily. In fact, the Ministry of Justice decided to build a new project team to consider how to protect mental abuse on social media as of June 2020. It seems that even the politicians and bureaucrats who are usually reluctant to move couldn’t ignore this tragedy.

Hana Kimura via YouTube

The idea from Mark Zuckerberg

While thinking something above, I got the news that Twitter alerted and labeled President Trump’s tweets because Twitter saw these tweets lacking of facts and fueling violence. On the other hand, I thought Mark Zuckerberg’s comment against Twitter’s action was interesting. According to several media, Mark said, “…social media companies shouldn’t be an arbitrator of the truth…” As a result of that, many employees at Facebook are upset and against this kind of stance. According to the latest news, Mark rethought his comment and is about to change Facebook’s policy. In my opinion, I want to endorse his previous comment. As Mark said previously, the social media platform shouldn’t be the arbitrator of the truth, and they can’t be so. The biggest advantage of social media is that everyone can post messages freely, and everyone can receive them. It is practically impossible for a social media platform to judge each post brought by each user. All they can do is to decide to suspend or delete the account itself because of breaching their policy.

Mark Zuckerberg via Twitter (The Washington Post)

How should Twitter deal with @realDonaldTrump account?

As I mentioned above, I think Mark’s comment gets straight to the point. But of course, I know this is not easy. Undoubtedly, Twitter shouldn’t deal with inappropriate content like white supremacy, Nazi sympathizers, racial discrimination, and so on. There is no doubt above, but everything is not necessarily clear. The typical case is @realDonaldTrump, President Trump’s private account on Twitter.

This tweet is alerted and labeled by Twitter
This tweet is alerted and labeled by Twitter

The future of Twitter

When we try to consider that Twitter is the symbol of transparency or spreader of hatred, there is something we must not forget. Every social media outlet lies to keep people happy.

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