The Mainstream of Influencer Marketing will Change

Brands take advantage of influencers by not searching but nurturing

The term “Influencer” turned out to be something negative

Many influencers had backlash from their followers and society because of their wrong behavior. I can’t share everything here because there were too many. The word “Influencer” was registered into the dictionary because it became common for not only industry players but also ordinary people. On the other hand, many industry players positively use other words such as creator, trendsetter, ambassador, and so on because they feel something negative about the term “influencer.” According to my experience, the people who avoid the word “influencer” would be more than you probably guess.

What is an ideal influencer?

We need to rethink what ideal influencer is. What brands want from influencers depends on each brand, but I want to emphasize brand loyalty here because smart consumers are no longer deceived by influencers who aren’t interested in the brand’s product or service. The facts show that the era when an influencer with hundreds of thousands of followers has massive power is coming to an end.

Influencer Marketing Specialist/Digital Marketing/Entrepreneur/Start-ups/Japanese Market

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