Pinterest Driven by Influencers

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When it comes to social media which is related to image or photo, you must have imagined Instagram. However, Instagram is not everything, though it has gained ground on the social media industry nowadays. I’m going to give my impressions of Pinterest on this story. I have worked for an internet marketing company in Tokyo, Japan. I’m in charge of Social Media Marketing, but I hardly deal with Pinterest as a marketing method thus far because Pinterest Marketing is not standard in the Japanese market as of now. Fortunately, I learned a lot of lessons about Pinterest and Pinterest Marketing by chance. I was impressed by the attribute and potential of Pinterest. As a result of that, I thought that marketers should watch out for Pinterest Marketing from now on.

What is Pinterest?

Pinterest is a web and mobile application company that discovers information (especially images) on the World Wide Web. Pinterest looks like a pinboard on the internet. Pinterest users can keep various images (ideas) they are interested in and manage them through different categories (Board) easily. In other words, users can save images or photo someone brought through (they are called “pin”), and users can see other boards someone made in Pinterest and save them as well (they are called “repin”). They look like a visual bookmarking tool. In fact, Pinterest themselves calls their service “Visual Discovery Engine”.

What kind of attributes does Pinterest have?

Pinterest has several unique attributes which are different from other platformers like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and so on. They are as below.

・There are many contents that companies generated than user-generated-content (so-called UGC).

・The most common type is the vertically long image. Next is the square form. Horizontally long type is not common, unlike Instagram.

・Pinterest can bring many users (views) to a designated website. In fact, they already have various best practices like even financial services, for example, “Bank of America”.

・Pinterst App has an image searching function. Therefore, they are close to not SNS but a search engine.

・Usually many people use Pinterest before something or something happen. They use Pinterest for themselves in the future. This is very different because people use Twitter in the middle of something, Facebook and Instagram after something.

・The contents in Pinterest show according to relevance degree. They are not a timeline. As a result of that, the contents users generated can survive for a long period.

Pinterest Marketing
As mentioned above, the contents on Pinterest have two attributes which are essential; Being able to survive for an extended period of time and then taking many users to a designated website. If you are marketers, you have no choice but to take advantage of these attributes right now.

First of all, you have to make analytics on Pinterest. You can do it easily. If you made analytics mode, you would be able to check three metrics which are significant in Pinterest Marketing. They are “Pin” “Board” and “the number of view per month”. The metrics of “the number of view per month” is chiefly critical. If you want to increase this number, you have to increase the number of Pin and Board. Especially marketer has to pay attention to the Board. You have to add many images and board as well. You don’t have to stick to the quality of images at first. Instead of the quality, you should stick to the quantity of content. For example, the pictures which have humor have had high engagement rate in some cases. When you try to make a new board, you have to care about the name of the board. The name of the board has to be familiar and straightforward as many users can search quickly through the word.

How should brands start Pinterest Marketing at first?

Pinterest is unique compared to other social media platform, but they are a useful tool if you can take advantage of it effectively and efficiently. When you start to consider the use of Pinterest as one of the marketing methods, you might hit the wall because you don’t know what to do from the beginning. Maybe, you should start to adopt Pinterest Marketing with so-called Influencers. The chemistry between Pinterest and Influencer fits well. In particular, you invite some influencers to your event or exhibition in order to make them understand your product or service very well. After that, Influencers post many images and you “PIN” these images Influencer posted on the internet. The essential thing in Pinterest Marketing is to post many pictures through Pinterest. If you put many photos on Pinterest, you might get many views from Pinterest after a while. The only things I can say for sure is that you won’t get any views at all unless you post it. That’s a matter of course.


Social media Marketing has gained ground in a digital marketing field nowadays, but almost all marketers have paid attention to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Youtube. I don’t think that Pinterest is megatrend for them. However, I started to think that every marketer had to watch out for Pinterest Marketing as well as other social media platforms because they don’t have to use their energy more than we imagine. I can say that Pinterest Marketing is one of the blind spots. Every marketer might have to consider the use of Pinterest Marketing as one of the digital marketing activities.

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