Influencer Marketing in 2019

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2019 is around the corner! I often read various articles which treat of Influencer Marketing on a daily basis, and I noticed there were many news roundups lately. In fact, many experts predict what will happen in 2019. They are all fascinating because each person pays attention to different prospect in their own way.

Some of them predict that the current trend will move forward. For example, Stories on Instagram, Youtube, Micro & nano influencer, strict regulation are the keyword in 2019 as well. Someone insists on the existence of virtual influencer. Employee advocacy (influencer) is curious. The collaboration between influencer and video content seems more effective and efficient than ever. We can’t keep our eyes off new technology like AI.

I have been working for a digital marketing company in Tokyo for a long time. I’m in charge of Influencer Marketing in a present company now. I also feel that the trend in Influencer Marketing has been changing day by day. I give my impressions of new trends of Influencer Marketing in 2019 here.

Product Development Collaborated with Influencers
So-called influencer is definitely a trendsetter. They have not only the influence to their vast audiences but also savvy sense about product or service. In fact, some influencer already started to merchandise an original and unique product on their own brand. I think that brands companies have no choice but to take advantage of their sense. I predict that many brands try to make a product with influencers from the beginning. The product or service influencer provided advice will take the market by storm because influencer’s sense or advice could be the most solid strategy. I think that many companies try to utilize influencer’s ability to grab the consumer’s intent positively in 2019.

Launch to the market by platformers
I’m interested in the strategy of Facebook recently because I think they might venture into so-called Influencer Marketing field. Usually, platformers have focused on their own business so far. Therefore, you might be surprised by my prediction. I think that Facebook might start to launch the Influencer Marketing business as a platformer because they already started to test new functions. For example, Facebook has been testing “Brand Collabos Manager” on Facebook. Brand Collabos manager can match both brands and creator (influencer). I think that this is a typical Influencer marketing. Now the limited country can use this feature (website), but Facebook might capture the world market for Influencer Marketing soon. Other than Brand Collabos Manager, I’m really interested in “Creator Account” feature of Instagram now. According to some information on media, Creator Account can help influencers analyze their followers and filter the message from audiences. This movement is very curious because Instagram is the most critical platform for many influencers nowadays. This kind of action will give a substantial impact to many third-parties if they launch it actually.

Instagram is the most critical platform for influencers and marketers now, but I’m concerned about their parent company, Facebook. Facebook has a huge backlash about personal information issues recently. I know they tried to enhance security, but it seems that it is difficult for them to avoid such denouncement for the time being. If this kind of situation gets more serious, not only Mark Zuckerberg (CEO) but also Sheryl Sandberg (COO) might have to step down shortly. In fact, some experts predict it. If so, Facebook’s strategy would change dramatically. As a matter of course, their strategic change will give a strong impact on the industry.

Globalization (Japan)
Influencer Marketing is one of the robust methods in the digital marketing industry, but almost all players in the Japanese market are local companies. As far as I know, there are no global companies except for a few cases like indaHash, Klear and so on. However, such a situation will change shortly. I predict that some global companies which already achieved something in the US or European market will venture into the Japanese market in 2019. Of course, this is a brilliant trend for the Japanese industry. As far as I’m concerned, the Japanese market has a high level and very delicate. At the same time, they are definitely domestic. I really think that the Japanese have to accept global style and destroy the internal and old-fashioned manner that only the Japanese are involved.

In conclusion
In my opinion, 2018 is the year which is surrounded by hope and disappointment in this field. Many brands increased their budget about Influencer Marketing. On the other hand, they learned a lot of challenges like fake influencer and influencer fraud. Other than them, there are many problems to solve, for example, like finding a right influencer out and measuring the impact of the campaign. Nevertheless, I believe that so-called Influencer Marketing is one of the reliable methods in the digital marketing industry. They are not just fad because word-of-mouth is not necessarily a new marketing method. The human being is influenced by the human being, once, now and forever. Influencer Marketing is old but new marketing method.




Influencer Marketing Specialist/Digital Marketing/Entrepreneur/Start-ups/Japanese Market

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Influencer Marketing Specialist/Digital Marketing/Entrepreneur/Start-ups/Japanese Market

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