Five innovations that made me so excited

They are common nowadays, but we can no longer go back to the former

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Online Lesson for a Foreign Language

If you learn a foreign language, what would you do? I choose a tutor online and then have an online lesson via video conferencing tools for about 15 to 25 minutes daily. It is my routine schedule, but something I couldn’t think of just ten years ago.

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I believe streaming services like Netflix is one such innovation. Many companies deliver various content online. I think such a business model is not complicated, but we can no longer go back to the former if we experience them even once.

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As you know, social media platforms became typical across the globe. Mainly, I prefer Twitter to other platforms because it is simple, and everyone can deliver messages and receive them at the same time.

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WFH (Working from Home)

The novel coronavirus destroyed many things. Not only human life but also the concept of values and even working style. Many people around the world had to work from home during this pandemic. Even if this pandemic is over, our working style won’t go back to normal.

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Many people on the earth started to learn something online because they couldn’t go out due to the pandemic. I believe e-learning has a massive advantage, just like working from home. I feel e-learning has been underestimated so far. The advantages that e-learning can bring is that we can learn something high-quality anywhere at our own place.

Summing up

Speaking of innovation, some people tend to come up with cutting-edge science and technology, but I don’t necessarily think so. I believe standard service and custom is a real innovation that influences our lifestyle and working style to the full extent. As soon as we experienced them, as I already mentioned above, we can no longer go back to the former.

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