Could MOOK be the solution of continued learning?

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I took the course which treats of “Strategic Influencer Marketing” through so-called MOOC for the first time. MOOC is short for “Massive Open Online Course”. Many universities provide various learning programs, and we can take these courses through the internet anytime and anywhere. Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft Corporation said that every person came to be able to take the class provided by first-class universities with no charge in the near future. What he predicted almost came true. After receiving the course on MOOC for the first time, I thought that many people should take advantage of this wonderful opportunity to learn something. This story is my impression that I took the course on MOOK first.

Why did I choose this course?

I chose “Strategic Influencer Marketing” on Coursera. Coursera is one of the popular MOOC brands. Other than Coursera, I heard that “edX” was famous in this field as well. The reason why I got interested in this course is that I’m in charge of Influencer Marketing in a present company. There are many contents which are related to the business on MOOC, but I think that Influencer Marketing’s content is rare. I wanted to know the content of this course. I wanted to know the influencer marketing strategy which is taught in the international market. By the way, other than business content, there are many contents which deal with various themes like Featured, Arts and Humanities, Computer Science, Data Science, Information Technology, Health, Math and Logic, Personal Development, Physical Science and Engineering, Social Sciences, Language Learning. I’m going to choose other courses which are not related to business someday. The variety of learning program is one of the appeals of MOOC.

How is the level of the content?

In my opinion, the level of the content (Strategic Influencer Marketing) is very high. Of course, I’m not sure about everything because I have never taken other classes so far. But, I felt that this was so sophisticated. In particular, the technological system like video lecture, quiz, peer-to-peer assignment system is made very well. Even foreigners can learn something through MOOC because there is a closed caption. When I took the course, I felt the difference between my home country and international markets, but I think that this is the best part of MOOC. We can learn outside world through internet learning program. It is amazing for everyone to take brilliant opportunities to learn something at an affordable price or even with no charge.

How much is it?

As mentioned above, the tuition is very affordable or free. I paid almost $50 as a certificate fee. If you don’t need any certificate, it is said that you can take the course with no charge. As you probably know, so-called tuition is not affordable in many cases. Unfortunately, almost all the opportunities to learn something needs money, but I heard that there was a scholarship system on MOOC. If you need some help for financial reasons, you can have access to them.

What’s the problem on MOOC?

I got almost satisfied with the content on MOOC, but of course, they are not perfect. What I was concerned about is as below.

There were some wrong turns in their content. In particular, there was usually reading materials at first. And then, there were some video lectures after reading part. I don’t know why, but there was a reading part at the end of the module. I think that this is a clear mistake. Because of that, I was so confused. The second mistake is “a closed caption”. I tried to keep up with the instructor’s lecture with a closed caption because English is not my mother tongue. Some lessons obviously had different text, though they might have been translated by volunteers. Both mistakes are elementary. I don’t know why the organization didn’t notice them at all. They might not have had enough time to check them out. There might be few students. Anyway, I hope that they notice their mistakes and then solve the problems as soon as possible.

The most severe problem for me is that no one has never reviewed the assignment that I already submitted. MOOC adopts peer-graded assignment system in many cases. The students have to offer the assignments by the deadline, and they have to review other assignments three times. As for myself, of course, I submitted my duty by the designated deadline. Though I sent my assignments, no one reviewed my assignments in some cases. If no one reviews the assignment, the student can’t get the grade. As a matter of course, this is a serious problem for the student. I think that not students but organization-side has responsibility for that. Maybe, there were few students on the course of MOOC. Anyway, nobody can’t get satisfied with such a result at all if they can’t get any grade because of peer-to-peer assignment system. I think that this kind of system has many advantages because small-group organizers can operate their classes, but they have to keep equitability and satisfaction.

In conclusion

As I mentioned above, they are not perfect. However, I’m going to continue to learn something new hereafter. MOOC is incredible opportunities to learn various themes easily. If you utilize MOOC, you can learn specific field as you like. I believe that this is amazing because university students sometimes have to take the subject that they are not interested in. So-called continued learning is one of the much-talked-about topics, but I think that MOOC is mainstream in this field. I believe that there is no border on the internet. In fact, MOOK doesn’t also have any border basically. Everyone who has the motivation to learn can take the course through the internet affordably or even free. Learning something is not a monopoly for children or rich. Everybody has the right to continue to learn something that they are interested in. We have no choice but to utilize this opportunity because we can reach out to fantastic learning content provided by top-rank universities nowadays.

The United State of America has decided to set some sanctioned regions. Unfortunately, the people in Iran, Sudan, Crimea, Cuba, Syria, and North Korea can’t take the course through MOOK. Please be mindful of this.




Influencer Marketing Specialist/Digital Marketing/Entrepreneur/Start-ups/Japanese Market

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Influencer Marketing Specialist/Digital Marketing/Entrepreneur/Start-ups/Japanese Market

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