They are common nowadays, but we can no longer go back to the former

It seems that the word “innovation” has been used since very early times, and that term still sounds more appealing and exciting for me. However, we might be able to say “Game Changer” instead of it. What do you come up with after listening to the word? Leading-edge technology? Or…

Brands take advantage of influencers by not searching but nurturing

The market size of influencer Marketing had been increasing smoothly, but many campaigns were postponed or canceled due to COVID-19. It can’t be helped because influencers seem tone-deaf during this crisis. However, even if this chaotic situation continues to influence us, I believe the essential quality of influencer marketing won’t…

Barriers to entry exist, but the market is big, concentrated, and loyal

I feel fewer startup companies aim at the Japanese market from their own countries, just as Japanese startups hardly aim at the global market. Not that the barrier in the Japanese market is higher, but in my opinion, they make the priority of venturing into the Japanese market lower. Why…

A cultural social media tutorial for young startups

Japan is the third biggest market. The Chinese market is the second in the world, but the Chinese government and authorities have cracked down on foreign companies. Therefore, I might be inclined to say that Japan is practically the second-biggest market after the U.S.

I heard that mega-social media platformers…


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